Student Perspectives

Student Perspectives

Yanna Applegate

“I would highly recommend the LL.M. program at Florida Coastal School of Law for any foreign attorney who wishes to pursue a legal career in the U.S. or is seeking to add value to their professional careers in their home countries. I graduated from the program in fall 2013, immediately afterwards, took the California Bar Exam and passed it on the first try. The curriculum of the LL.M. program is well designed to provide the LL.M. graduates with a comprehensive overview of the U.S. legal system and the knowledge of the U.S. law core subjects that is essential to have a successful experience on the Bar exams.

The fact that the LL.M. program is designed entirely on-line provides students with the flexibility to learn the U.S. law from anywhere in the world at their own pace. The professors teaching the LL.M. courses are true experts in their fields, many of them have extensive experience working with foreign students. They combine academic expertise and practical experiences and transform legal theories and principles into working tools that are essential not only in passing the Bar exams, but in preparing LL.M. students to become competent practitioners in the legal field. Professors at FCSL have an “open door” policy and students are always welcome to submit their questions by email or over the phone.

I consider earning an LL.M. degree at Florida Coastal as a great investment and essential step to achieve my goal of becoming a licensed U.S. attorney.”

-Yana Applegate, First degree in law from Russia, U.S. Law LL.M. Magna Cum Laude, Active member of the California State Bar

Musa A. Bangura

I must confess I was skeptical about taking the LL.M. online, having done all my legal studies ‘traditionally.’ However, because of my work schedule and other committments, the offer by Coastal Law made a lot of sense. Having completed the course, I can say with certainty that the program is indeed delivered with an international student body in mind.

-Musa A. Bangura – Sierra Leone, West Africa

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