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LL.M. Logistics & Transportation | Certificate Logistics & Transportation


Coastal Law is proud to introduce the nations’ first LL.M. in Logistics & Transportation for graduates of law school. We are also the first to offer a Certificate in Logistics & Transportation for both lawyers and non-lawyers.

Our online programs educate students on the laws surrounding the logistics and transportation industry by offering courses taught by leaders in the industry. Distinguished professors teach not only the legal theory, but also focus on skills development and sharing practical advice to help students hoping to obtain legal, regulatory, and compliance positions in the logistics or transportation field.

Courses in either the 24-credit LL.M. program or the 12-credit Certificate Program include practical, “hands-on” instruction in the following areas: global risk compliance, contracting skills (both domestic and international), personnel matters and labor relations, international trade and business transactions, fines and penalties, transportation insurance, maritime law, and trucking, railroad, and aviation liability and litigation.

Program Benefits

  • Improve your legal skills without leaving your home or office
  • Become a pivotal resource in your organization, providing guidance and creating solutions in areas such as contract negotiation, interpretation of regulations, requests for proposals, personnel matters, global regulatory compliance and risk management
  • Improve your career opportunities with employers or expand your client base in the logistics and transportation industry
  • Earn your degree in as little as one year or up to three years, on your own schedule


Coastal Law’s Logistics and Transportation program is designed for these different types of students:

  • Those with a J.D. degree from a U.S. law school (or holding a first degree in law from a law school outside the U.S.) who are interested in obtaining Master of Law degree (LL.M.) in Logistics and Transportation or a Certificate in Logistics and Transportation Law.
  • Those who have a bachelor’s degree or significant work experience in the logistics and transportation field who are interested in obtaining a Certificate in Logistics and Transportation Regulation.
  • Lawyers in the Program pursuing the Master of Law (LL.M. Degree) are required to complete twenty-four credits in order to obtain a Master of Law (LL.M.) Degree in Logistics and Transportation.
  • Industry Professionals and Attorneys pursuing the Certificate in Logistics and Transportation Regulation or the Certificate in Logistics and Transportation Law, respectively, are required to complete twelve credit hours.

Online 24/7

All courses are offered in an asynchronous format, including pre-recorded lectures (available in downloadable and mobile-friendly formats), free online reading materials, practice quizzes, writing exercises, and discussion boards that “bring to life” the legal topics covered in the lectures.

Recognizing the importance of live interaction in the online classroom, our professors hold live review sessions each semester in each class. In addition, our administrative team offers live, interactive online events with LL.M. professors and guest speakers at least once a month — providing a great way for students to interact with their professors, classmates, and the FCSL community.

Finally, our LL.M. students can participate in the annual graduation ceremony for FCSL in Jacksonville, FL.

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